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KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd has entered a strategic alliance, the first in the UK of its kind, with 3D Systems. KYOCERA has added 3D Systems’ products to its portfolio - starting with the CubePro family and followed by the ProJet range.

KYOCERA’s unique level of customer service, which when combined with 3D System’s market-leading products, means that the collaboration creates real synergy and the optimum solution for businesses in the United Kingdom & Ireland considering 3D printing.

KYOCERA is making 3D printing ‘office friendly’ with out-of-the-box Green Button Training for users and a warranty is available on all products to guarantee users a smooth start with their 3D printer.

Versatility to Suit Your Business Requirements

The CubePro family was created for the education market and offers Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) ideal for schools and small businesses while the ProJet Colour Jet Printing range is suitable for R&D, universities and small production requirements.

KYOCERA is also offering 3D scanners and the full range of Cubify software to enable users of all abilities realise their projects in 3D.

Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) on the CubePro Range


ProJet 4500 professional 3D printer

The ProJet 4500 is the industry’s only photo realistic full-colour plastic 3D printer, combining the power of vibrant full colour with durable plastic materials. Particularly suited to R&D, universities and small production requirements, the ProJet 4500 has the ability to create flexible yet strong full colour parts. It is ideal to produce a finished 3D model for the purposes of concept design or product verification, bringing 2D ideas and designs “to life”.

3D Print - The Must-Have Print Product

Trevor Maloney, Product Marketing Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd said: “3D print is being viewed increasingly as a must-have print product and we’re delighted to offer the extensive 3D Systems range to our partners and end-users. We’ve selected the CubePro family as ideal for the education market while the ProJet professional range offers a perfect solution for organisations prototyping and verifying products. We now offer our partners and end-users one of the most comprehensive 3D portfolios in the UK, backed by KYOCERA’s excellent technical support and customer service, which means they can be confident about 3D.”

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